A revolutionary passwordless solution for Windows environments
You use Active Directory for your user administration?
SystoLOCK is made for you.
No password, no problem.
Passwords put your business at risk.
You should change this.
Do you know the only password that cannot be cracked? The password that does not exist!

Sooner or later, every password can be guessed, spied on or cracked. Industrial espionage, data theft, blackmail - company networks are particularly at risk.

Even a well-secured infrastructure is of no use if attackers capture critical passwords. Passwords no longer fit the times - they only create an illusion of security.

Therefore, play it safe and do away with your passwords - with SystoLOCK - a true multi-factor authentication without a password. For Windows environments, our solution is the only one of its kind worldwide.
SystoLOCK gives passwords a pass!
  • Minimum effort, maximum safety
    Enjoy the protection of true two-factor authentication without having to enter a password every time.
  • The better alternative to the smartcard
    Compared to SystoLOCK, smart cards don't seem so smart anymore. They are expensive and complicated to set up.
  • Universeller Schutz
    SystoLOCK eliminates all passwords, protecting all your login dialogues, services and protocols in one fell swoop.
  • An end to plug-ins and add-ons
    Use one-time passwords directly in your login dialogues - SystoLOCK uses native Windows functionality.
  • Clever elegance
    SystoLOCK uses the native PKI functionality of Windows - this means you do not need any upstream instances when logging in.
  • Unique relief
    As the first and only MFA solution for Active Directory, SystoLOCK requires no modification of your infrastructure and Active Directory schema.
  • Certificate management
    SystoLOCK manages all private keys on the server side and does not store them on the client system.
  • Protects not only individual services
    Ordinary MFA solutions only protect individual services - SystoLOCK protects them all! It eliminates the password itself - a crucial difference!
SystoLOCK Companion: This buddy makes life easier for you.
With the SystoLOCK Companion mobile smartphone app, you no longer need to type in your user details. Simply scan the QR codes provided or receive a push notification and log in faster and more conveniently than ever before.
Compatible with other OTP apps
Of course, you can also use SystoLOCK with other common OTP apps. Or the Companion with other MFA systems.
You prefer to keep things separate? SystoLOCK supports RFC-compliant key fobs for generating unique passwords.
Of course, you can also combine the alternatives.
MFA for all corporate resources
Login to your own PC, access to Exchange and web services, starting a remote desktop session - each login involves two independent factors.
The special one
SystoLOCK is RFC compliant and therefore an exception in the world of network administration.
Admins' Darling
Quick and easy to install, universal and easy to maintain - administrators love SystoLOCK for its ease of use.
Your attitude: Open-minded towards innovation.
Your system: Locked against attackers.
Integration in Windows: seamless instead of clueless.
Made for Windows-based applications in your company: SystoLOCK integrates seamlessly into your Windows environment and offers you maximum transparency. Once set up, SystoLOCK makes working with Windows applications more comfortable and secure.

Secure offline login: SystoLOCK securely connects employees on the road or in the home office to the corporate network. Of course, offline authentication also offers you a native environment.

Microsoft 365 & Co.: comfortable as never before: Thanks to AD FS (Active Directory Federation Services), you can also use SystoLOCK to log in to cloud services such as Microsoft 365 - without having to enter passwords all the time!
Lean solution, lean costs.
One licence per user: You do not pay a basic fee, a separate server license or any other additional costs.

Calculable & scalable: Thanks to the transparent payment model, you can precisely calculate the use of SystoLOCK in your company.

Pay less for less effort: With SystoLOCK you save the expenses for smartcards or readers. Time-consuming changes to your own system are also eliminated.
In 2017 and 2018, SystoLOCK was awarded the BEST OF title in the IT category by Initiative Mittelstand
Since its premiere at CEBIT 2017, numerous companies have opted for SystoLOCK, making their MFA processes safer and easier.

When will you be there?
SystoLOCK is
Security Made in Germany
and is patent pending
SystoLOCK was conceived, developed, tested and launched in Germany.
Our revolutionary MFA solution was funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, is based on the highest level of legal security and meets the high legal requirements for the protection of IT systems.

SystoLOCK's multifunctional protocols and algorithms are at the cutting edge of technological development in every respect.

Every data exchange is encrypted by default. Every step is logged by default. Every login is secure by default.
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