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Results '2013 and future plans
Press Release: Systola, an international IT company specialising in comprehensive IT outsourcing, cloud technologies and IT security, reviews its work in 2013.
Systola @ 03.03.2014
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24th February 2014, Germany. - Systola, an international IT company specialising in comprehensive IT outsourcing, cloud technologies and IT security, takes stock of its work in 2013. The past year was extremely successful for Systola: the company was able to enter new markets, gain important partners and increase sales of its own solutions.

"Systola's strategy for 2013 was to strengthen our position in the European market for cloud technologies," says Roman Kusnetsov, General Director of Systola. "This is exactly what we worked on in 2013. The results of our strategy speak for themselves - we were able to significantly increase our customer base!"

One of the most important events in 2013 for Systola was the company's entry into the Russian market. Systola already had experience in working with Russian companies and was therefore able to assess the prospects of this region in advance. The Russian market for DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) is still at the very beginning of its development and therefore has a lot of potential.

Another point in our strategy focused on cloud technologies was also the signing of a contract with the TONK Group, a Russian manufacturer of terminal solutions and thin clients. According to the contract, TONK will equip thin clients ex works for use in a SystoLINK environment. The project started at the end of 2013 and the devices will be sold in both Russia and Germany under the brand name SystoLAN.

Systola's solution portfolio was consistently developed further in 2013. The upgrade of the mass storage system carried out in the first half of the year deserves special mention, as it enabled Systola to double the speed of the system - to the great satisfaction of its customers. The old solution was based on a proprietary system with iSCSI channels with a bandwidth of up to 3 Gbps. The new solution uses a system from Dot Hill with SAS channels (up to 24 GBit/s) and LSI switches.

At the end of 2013, Systola started a minor upgrade of the system. It will make it possible to change a number of parameters of the client systems without interrupting operations. The upgrade will be completed shortly.

"The results of 2013 make us optimistic about the future. We will continue to follow the chosen course," Roman Kusnetsov sums up. "There is a lot for us to do in 2014. We will actively promote our SystoLAN solutions in Russia and in Germany and continue to perfect our products and solutions. Currently, we are working on the integration of 1C's ERP solutions and hopefully we will be able to offer an updated solution based on this platform already this year. We are also planning to launch SystoLOCK 2 - our two-factor authentication system based on x509 certificates.