Support Assistant for VOIP Endpoints
KB 100002

This file is intended to assist customers in case of connection problems with their VOIP terminals (IP phones).

If you have problems connecting your VOIP phone or registering the phones on our servers, you may be asked to run this wizard to identify and solve the problems.

1. Click on the "Download File" button on the left and save the file to a convenient location on your hard-drive.
2. Run the downloaded program by double-clicking on Systola.Bugle.Agent.exe.
3. Enter the support-code you recieved from our support-team.
4. If a firewall-prompt appears, please, allow traffic to/from the program.
5. Follow other instructions from our team or just lean back and wait for us to tell you that the problems you had are resolved.
System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP and above
  • .NET Framework 3.5