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KB 200001: VhdxTool Release Notes

Release Information

  • Applies to: VhdxTool
  • Date published: 01.01.2015
  • Last Updated: 19.08.2016
  • Latest Version: 16.05.09

Related Information


VhxdTool is a command line utility for Windows for rapid creation and resizing of fixed-size virtual disk files (VHDX). Vhdxtool provides similar functionality to a former utility vhdtool for Windows Server 2008/R2, but whereas vhdtool worked with older (VHD) format, vhdxtool works with the new (VHDX) format.


The performance benefit comes at the price of data security: unlike Windows standard tools such as diskpart or New-VHD, and like a former vhdtool for VHD-files, this tool does not zero-out the newly created or resized VHDX-file and therefore it might be possible for a user to access data that previously existed on the underlying physical hard disk by running data forensics tools inside the virtual machine the disk will be attached to. As such you should only use this tool when you fully understand all the implications.

Version History

  • 19.08.2016: v16.08.19: Fixed log entry size identification
  • 09.05.2016: v16.05.09: Added sanity check for unsupported SMB-targets
  • 04.05.2016: v16.05.04: Fixed issue with upgrdaing legacy (VHD) files of certain sizes
  • 08.09.2015: v15.09.08: File extention is now automatically added
  • 17.02.2015: v15.02.16: VHD to VHDX conversion
  • 01.02.2015: v15.02.01: Fixed 4TB-issue
  • 01.02.2015: v15.02.01: Can now convert dynamic to fixed
  • 09.01.2015: v15.01.09: Minor fixes
  • 01.01.2015: v15.01.01: Initial Release


vhdxtool.exe create  [options] - create a new VHDX
vhdxtool.exe extend [options] - extend an existing VHDX
vhdxtool.exe convert [options] - convert a dynamic VHDX to a static one
vhdxtool.exe upgrade [options] - convert a VHD to VHDX
vhdxtool.exe display [options] - view information about an existing VHDX

Please read more about commands and options in out Blog-Post.


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