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Softerra Releases Adaxes 2013.2

For Adaxes 2013.2, Softerra focused on making Active Directory automation even more efficient and flexible, enhancing the logging and notification features, improving Password Self-Service, preventing brute force attacks on Web Interface, and much, much more - all to make Active Directory management easier, faster, and secure.

Softerra paid a lot of attention to detail, even to small things are that really unnoticeable at first glance. Many improvements and ideas suggested by the customers are included in this release. As usual, great efforts were made to enhance performance of Adaxes, making it even faster and productive.

Here are just a few excerpts from the change-log.


Now Adaxes can be configured to store log records in an external MS SQL database. This option is especially helpful if you have multiple replicated Adaxes services, as log records generated by all the services will be stored in one database.

The new release introduces support for the Syslog protocol, allowing you to integrate Adaxes into SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) products and enterprise audit logging solutions.

Web Interface

Adding new Web Interfaces is now very easy. Instead of manually copying files and configuring IIS, now you can use a simple user interface.

The Active Directory pane serves to display specific AD objects on the Home page. We have added an option to show different objects depending on who is connected to the Web Interface.

Now, list views for Active Directory objects can display columns that show custom object properties stored in Adaxes (e.g. CustomAttributeText1).

Now users can can be logged on to multiple Web Interfaces simultaneously.

Now, in the Web Interface Configuration tool, instead of entering object DNs manually, you can use a user-friendly interface to select Active Directory objects.


In the new version it is possible to bind a Scheduled Task to a specific Adaxes service. A task bound to an Adaxes service runs on that service only and under no circumstances is reassigned to another one.

It has become easier to control execution of Scheduled Tasks. The tasks that are currently running are highlighted bold in the Console Tree.

Now you have more flexibility when working with Business Rules, Custom Commands, and Scheduled Tasks, as we have extended some actions and conditions to support value references.

Approval Workflow

The Approval Workflow module now supports scenarios in which objects are managed by a group of users.

Now, when working with approval requests in Adaxes Web Interface, it is possible to view all approvers authorized to approve a specific request, and send them email notifications and reminders.

Administration Console

Among other improvements, it allows you to arrange Active Directory objects into groups, which greatly enhances user experience when browsing and managing Active Directory.

By following the expectations of the customers, the Import/Export wizard was improved; Active Directory browsing and searching now work several times faster than before and the Unlock Account and Reset Account operations can now be performed in bulk.

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Systola @ 24.10.2013

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