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Your questions answered

New Web-Site is online!

When you try to remake something you are long accustomed to, even if you don‘t like that "something", there are always a large number of obstacles, ephemeral and real, that will defer the creative process.

Our site, as it existed until recently, was created sometime 2004. At the time, it was more or less relevant of the standards which were adopted at the time. Over the years, the problem of updating the content became more acute, but neither the old design nor the site-constructs were able to reflect the changes that had taken place over the years at the company.

Those interested in details, are welcome to visit Internet-Archive, that kept saving copies of our pages.

For such companies as Systola, that do not have a platform to communicate with its customers (like a show-room or an off-line store), a web-site becomes the only link for this kind of communication. And it becomes more important today, when social networks are taking a direct part in customer communication.

Choice of technology, design, detailisation – all these are part of a complex process that can drag on for a long time. It took us almost a year to resolve any issues and conflicts, before we could say to ourselves that the final result can be published.

In an era of fierce competition in the market where we operate and constant information overload, the most important attribute for our own site is to inform customers and potential audience about the real differences between our company from the competition.

Keep on reading this blog and help topics to stay updated with the latest news.

Roman Kuznetsov @ 26.08.2013

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