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SystoLOCK - a true alternative for smartcards

Stronger enterprise-level IT security with SystoLOCK

Companies are increasingly becoming the target of economic espionage. Although It is possible to protect the IT-infrastructure to a certain extent, if a secretary’s or an engineer’s password is compromised, there is no use in best infrastructure. Smartcard-based solutions without passwords are often too expensive or complex. An alternative must therefore be used to increase security in IT environments - which Systola GmbH offers with SystoLOCK.

With SystoLOCK unsafe passwords are a thing of the past

SystoLOCK is the revolutionary solution for strong multi-factor authentication without passwords in Windows-based environments. Users log on to all resources with real two factors - that is, wherever unsafe passwords or expensive smartcards were needed before.

Unlike existing competition products, SystoLOCK uses the functionality provided by Microsoft. As a result, no modification of the existing server infrastructure is necessary and IT security can be implemented easily and cost-effectively in the enterprise. Thanks to the two-factor authentication with OTP apps such as Google Authenticator or standard tokens, all conceivable applications and scenarios can be protected without unsafe passwords.

Live hacking sessions at CeBIT

The patent-pending solution that is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, is celebrating its premiere at this year's CeBIT, where Systola will show, in live hacking sessions, how easy passwords can be tapped from the Microsoft authentication system and how SystoLOCK can be used to mitigate this vulnerability.

SystoLOCK - the first and only MFA solution for Active Directory environments that completely eliminates passwords from enterprise environments.

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Blog @ 22.02.2017

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