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Press release: Bye-bye, password! SystoLOCK makes logins even more secure

With SystoLOCK, passwords are a thing of the past. Thanks to smart features, the revolutionary authentication solution is now even more secure and easier to use.

An insecure password, a good hacker and - sensitive data is leaked. What sounds unlikely at first, is, unfortunately, a reality in many cases. Companies repeatedly fall victim to cybercriminals, who gain access to sensitive and private Information, while unsafe passwords are one of the most common reasons why hackers are successful.

With SystoLOCK, Systola has created a system that can increase security considerably in Microsoft Windows environments. The revolutionary authentication solution eliminates passwords completely and uses OTPs (one-time password) and PINs instead. The patent-pending system makes logging in very secure and minimizes the risk of harmful cyber-attacks. Thanks to new features, SystoLOCK is now even easier and more practical to use.

Make Scan, not Type

Gone are the days when you had to type in credentials yourself every time. SystoLOCK now allows you to have them filled in for you automatically with the help of SystoLOCK Companion, a mobile app that scans QR codes provided upon login. Compared to compeeting login scenarios, SystoLOCK does not only save time, but is also very convenient.

Offline login for employees at home office and on the road

Many companies have concerns about data security when their employees access their corporate computers from outside the network. Therefore, SystoLOCK also provides a new possibility for a secure login on computers that are not currently connected to the company network. This feature is somewhat similar to offline authentication from Duo Security, but in comparison, offers the convenience of a native environment.

Office 365 & Co. support

Office & Co. are an integral part of everyday office life. Therefore, thanks to ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services), SystoLOCK can now also be used to login to cloud services, such as Office 365. This means that only one authentication procedure is required for working in different environments without constant logins and password typing.

Simple alternative to smart cards and complex Solutions

With SystoLOCK, unsafe passwords in Microsoft Windows domain environments are a thing of the past. Systola CEO Roman Kuznetsov: "We have tailored SystoLOCK for enterprise environments and built in numerous automation options without compromising on security. This enables us to offer an easy-to-use solution for all login scenarios and services, a solution that protects the whole company network."

SystoLOCK was premiered in 2017 at CeBIT, Hannover and remains the only MFA solution for Active Directory environments so far that completely does away with passwords.

More information is available at www.systolock.com.

Systola @ 06.05.2020

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