Where the Heart of Your Business Beats
Where the Heart of Your Business Beats


Cloud platform for your business guarantees numerous advantages. Systola offers ultimately protected approach to cloud development.

On the basis of SystoLINK service, a customized structure is designed to perfectly fit your needs.

SystoLINK furnishes you with a ready-to-work infrastructure that is globally available and equipped with a completely serviced software package.


With SystoLINK, your data is secured at a physical and informational level.

Modern resiliency resources and autonomic backup systems ensure persistence and fault tolerance of your virtual office.

Encryption, two-factor authentication, and continuous system access control protect the system against external and internal attacks.


Voice communications over IP networks based on SystoLINK service enable you to make calls wherever you are located.

All communications are performed through encrypted channels thus increasing confidentiality of your data.

Moreover, integration of a telephone exchange with SystoLINK service opens up new possibilities and helps to solve common task in an efficient way.

For Startups

Minimum investments in the development of computer and telephone networks based on SystoLINK service is an ideal solution for startups. Companies get a globally accessible network and hosted PBX that can be used remotely.

Besides, SystoLINK makes desired software tools available without significant expenses for their purchase.

For SMBs

Equipping work stations with thin clients allows reducing associated expenditures for small and medium businesses. Operational systems and applications are performed remotely with SystoLINK service.

Access to company data is reliably protected by SystoLOCK system based on two factor authorization.

For Enterprises

A private cloud based on SystoLINK or own resources allows enterprises to develop a common network for the whole organization and still retain control over their data.

Complementary services and systems provided by Systola ensure security and efficient identity management for an enterprise.